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​To play, a team will require four players, eight boules and one jack.  A team must consist of four players and those four players must play throughout one game. However, different players may be used for different games but those players may only represent one team.  A coin toss (or boules toss!) will determine who goes first.


​The game is played by two teams of four players who take turns to throw their boules toward the jack. The aim is to place your boules nearer the jack than your opponents, which may be achieved by either knocking your opponents’ boules away or nudging the jack.


​During a game, players from opposing teams do not play alternately as is sometimes assumed. A player or team continues to throw until they gain the advantage.  It is up to the 'throwing' team whether a team member throws all their boules consecutively or they alternate shots within the team to try and get closer to the jack.



The winning team scores as many points as it has boules better placed than the best boule of the losing team.  A new ‘end’ is then started with the jack being thrown by the winners of the previous end. The winners of the previous end must go first. The game is repeated until one team scores nine points. They are the winners.



  • The 1st & 2nd teams from each group in the morning will quality for the high road, the 3rd and 4 teams for the low road, and the 5th team will be eliminated. 


  • Players will throw from a designated area as explained on the day.


  • When a player is throwing no other players should be standing in or on the boules piste.  This is off putting and not allowed!!

  • ​The time limit for a group game is 30 minutes which should be more than ample time to complete a game.  However, if a game has not finished within this time, the end in play will be completed before the final score is recorded.  


  • Slow play may be penalised at the umpires discretion.


  • After each game the captains of both  teams must report the result to ‘Le Bureau’.

  • The quarter finals and the semi finals to nine points and finals will be to eleven points.


  • ​The umpire's decision will be final.

Monymusk Boules
The Rules

Boules are in play as long as they come to rest on the pistes and not against the back sleepers. They can rest against the sides of the pistes and still be in play. If the jack ball is knocked out of play, the end must be played again.

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